1. Jackie Jack jackie

    I am having good time at home... Its getting hot outside these days.. Hows everybody here?

    Saturday, 22-May-10 03:10:59 PDT from web
    1. Goldie goldie

      @jackie Hasn't been too bad in the fish bowl. Just chillin' and swimming.

      Saturday, 22-May-10 21:05:48 PDT from web
    2. Princess Twinkie twinkie

      @jackie Hey Jackie where you been you been out in the sun and not on your momz computer

      Saturday, 22-May-10 21:37:06 PDT from web
      1. Jackie Jack jackie

        @twinkie Hows yours days going on?? Its very hot at my place.. I prefer to stay inside home whole day

        Saturday, 22-May-10 22:45:23 PDT from web
        1. Princess Twinkie twinkie

          @jackie Last week was warm at my place, but woke up today with rain and cold. I need sun so I can go lizard hunting. You better stay in a/c.

          Sunday, 23-May-10 23:28:39 PDT from web
          1. Jackie Jack jackie

            @twinkie ya.. i m staying in A/C whole day!! Love to sleep and eat whole day..

            Sunday, 23-May-10 23:38:28 PDT from web at 18°30'0"N 73°49'59"E
        2. Princess Twinkie twinkie

          @jackie Too hot not good!!!!

          Sunday, 23-May-10 23:29:24 PDT from web