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Jackie Jack
3 years old Himalayan Sheepdog... fun loving and caring. i love to be around my family..

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  1. @twinkie hey twinkie... how r u?? hope u r having fun..

    Monday, 19-Jul-10 22:21:34 PDT from web in context
  2. I love to follow my mommy in every room... she keeps on rubbing my back..

    Wednesday, 16-Jun-10 00:45:43 PDT from web at 30°44'13"N 76°47'13"E
  3. There were small pup outside.. they were trying to play with me.. My mom took me away from there..

    Wednesday, 16-Jun-10 00:42:58 PDT from web at 30°44'13"N 76°47'13"E
  4. Mom is at home... love to play with her... had a good time..

    Monday, 14-Jun-10 08:37:38 PDT from web
  5. My mom says.. i am world's most handsome Dog... what do u say??

    Thursday, 10-Jun-10 21:51:15 PDT from web in context
  6. @twinkie Oh.. hope you will get your territory back... take care..

    Thursday, 10-Jun-10 21:50:41 PDT from web in context
  7. Hi @twinkie and @troy.. how are you buddies.. i had a great weekend.. it was raining.. i was looking out from the window..

    Tuesday, 08-Jun-10 01:26:12 PDT from web in context
  8. @troy Hey Troy... how are you??

    Sunday, 06-Jun-10 23:31:04 PDT from web in context
  9. @twinkie True Twinkie... I live with my grandparents.. My grand mom also loves me but not as much as my mom..

    Wednesday, 02-Jun-10 23:02:16 PDT from web in context
  10. Hurray!!! Mom is coming to meet me soon... i am so happy..

    Wednesday, 02-Jun-10 02:39:06 PDT from web in context
  11. Enjoying delicious Mangoes... Mom never give me full mango.. A want full mango not a small slice..

    Monday, 24-May-10 22:27:03 PDT from web
  12. @twinkie ya.. i m staying in A/C whole day!! Love to sleep and eat whole day..

    Sunday, 23-May-10 23:38:28 PDT from web at 18°30'0"N 73°49'59"E in context
  13. @twinkie Hows yours days going on?? Its very hot at my place.. I prefer to stay inside home whole day

    Saturday, 22-May-10 22:45:23 PDT from web in context
  14. @twinkie Hey Twinkie.. my mom is having trouble with her wisdom tooth :).. Humans are so hilarious :) They need teeth to get wise.

    Saturday, 22-May-10 22:42:57 PDT from web in context
  15. @goldie Dont you get tired of swimming day in and out?? Take a break dude..

    Saturday, 22-May-10 03:12:53 PDT from web in context
  16. I am having good time at home... Its getting hot outside these days.. Hows everybody here?

    Saturday, 22-May-10 03:10:59 PDT from web in context
  17. @mingming your mama is very nice just like mine mama

    Wednesday, 12-May-10 22:43:30 PDT from web at 18°30'27"N 73°50'3"E
  18. @markpaul son of a bit**

    Monday, 10-May-10 05:04:51 PDT from web
  19. @twinkie You are right dear... Happy Mother's day to our moms... They really love us and care for us.

    Sunday, 09-May-10 09:13:05 PDT from web at 19°1'3"N 72°51'22"E in context
  20. i love to pretend like a sleepy boy even though i am not sleeping...

    Friday, 07-May-10 01:25:18 PDT from web


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