1. Olivia G. Russell olivia

    Rolled in a dead seal at the beach...was so much fun, but mom had to bathe me 3 times!

    Monday, 14-Jun-10 12:17:25 PDT from web at 37°43'5"N 122°28'50"W
    1. Princess Twinkie twinkie

      @olivia that must have beenz a lotz of smelly fun until the bathz. Why do humanz think bathz the solution

      Monday, 14-Jun-10 19:24:09 PDT from web
      1. Jackie Jack jackie

        @twinkie hey twinkie... how r u?? hope u r having fun..

        Monday, 19-Jul-10 22:21:34 PDT from web
        1. Princess Twinkie twinkie

          @jackie. Hi Jackie Iz been fine. Mom doez't let me on the computzer much anymore. Iz been having fun catching lizzards this summer.

          Tuesday, 27-Jul-10 19:48:34 PDT from web
        2. Princess Twinkie twinkie

          @jackie how have you been Jackie are you staying out of trouble

          Tuesday, 27-Jul-10 19:50:10 PDT from web