1. Sookie sookie

    My owner hates spammers - so he just deleted their accounts and their stupid posts!

    Thursday, 18-Mar-10 10:40:29 PDT from web
    1. Princess Twinkie twinkie

      @sookie Thank you..You have a good human. Glad he got rid of those.

      Thursday, 18-Mar-10 10:56:21 PDT from web
    2. Jackie Jack jackie

      @sookie Ask your Human to delete these posts...

      Tuesday, 27-Apr-10 00:48:25 PDT from web at 18°30'27"N 73°50'3"E
      1. Sookie sookie

        @jackie Got 'em!

        Tuesday, 27-Apr-10 06:45:32 PDT from web