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  1. kiki kiki

    Daddy thinks fart jokes are funny, but he doesn't laugh when I fart :(

    Sunday, 21-Mar-10 19:32:30 PDT from web
  2. Chessie chessie20

    I'm in stealth mode. You can't see me, and I don't want to see you.

    Sunday, 21-Mar-10 12:51:43 PDT from web
  3. Lazer Ignacio lazer

    I hope my tragically trendy feeders are getting an iPad. That thing might be the best ass warmer ever invented.

    Tuesday, 16-Mar-10 23:17:41 PDT from web at 37°23'12"N 121°53'16"W
  4. P H pthearmybratcat

    My attempt to gross out the female worked! My vomit will teach her to answer my cries, and let me sleep with her.

    Thursday, 18-Mar-10 00:55:31 PDT from web
  5. Lemon Simpson lemon

    I'm spending some quality time burying EVERYTHING in a 2 metre radius in my kitty litter

    Wednesday, 17-Mar-10 02:35:29 PDT from web
  6. Indy indy

    i want out. out out out!

    Monday, 15-Mar-10 00:10:52 PDT from web at 38°6'40"S 145°16'7"E
  7. Cinnamon Toast Crunch rinnamon

    Sleeping on my human companion's arm.

    Sunday, 14-Mar-10 18:43:51 PDT from web at 43°43'1"N 79°28'58"W