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Hawaii, USA
I'm an old snowshoe getting on this technology bandwagon. I turned 20 this month.I like cat snacks, water dish and sleeping.

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  1. I had a happy day... no one bothered me... and then SHE came home...

    Tuesday, 23-Mar-10 20:16:57 PDT from web
  2. it's shiatsu time!!

    Tuesday, 23-Mar-10 01:49:35 PDT from web
  3. I have the best seat in the house. no one can watch TV now.

    Monday, 22-Mar-10 14:43:31 PDT from web
  4. help meeeeee! I've been kidnapped by the big sister and she wants to cuddle with me!!!

    Monday, 22-Mar-10 03:25:00 PDT from web
  5. Great, everyone has gone to bed. Time for me to practice my opera in caterwaul!

    Monday, 22-Mar-10 02:12:24 PDT from web
  6. @indy ouch! What happened?

    Sunday, 21-Mar-10 22:41:15 PDT from web
  7. I have the kingdom all to myself.. MYSELF!!!

    Sunday, 21-Mar-10 21:50:53 PDT from web
  8. I hurl, therefore I am.

    Sunday, 21-Mar-10 18:26:37 PDT from web
  9. I'm out of here. First they find me and ruin my hiding place, then they make me stink. Now they want me to be friendly? I don't think so!

    Sunday, 21-Mar-10 14:45:40 PDT from web
  10. Alas, the feeder has touched me with her onion-y smelling hands... Don't you know to WASH before you touch the coat? Now I stink. Yeech.

    Sunday, 21-Mar-10 14:41:31 PDT from web
  11. @monkey I used to not like them, but now since I pretty much can't hear them, they don't bug me as much.

    Sunday, 21-Mar-10 14:37:05 PDT from web
  12. I'm in stealth mode. You can't see me, and I don't want to see you.

    Sunday, 21-Mar-10 12:51:43 PDT from web
  13. @mrfroggy Sorry to hear that Mr. F

    Sunday, 21-Mar-10 00:54:14 PDT from web
  14. whew. Did the mandatory track of litter around the house and those human types are all annoyed... My job is done here.

    Sunday, 21-Mar-10 00:53:11 PDT from web
  15. Don't think that you are going to get me to move out of MY chair. You can watch TV from somewhere else in the room.

    Saturday, 20-Mar-10 02:16:23 PDT from web
  16. Vet says I lost my tooth.. I didnt feel it fall out...

    Friday, 19-Mar-10 20:47:44 PDT from web
  17. I bit my mom. She pissed me off.

    Friday, 19-Mar-10 01:00:26 PDT from web in context
  18. I see them moving that evil box...

    Thursday, 18-Mar-10 21:03:35 PDT from web
  19. My teeth hurt...

    Thursday, 18-Mar-10 00:31:09 PDT from web
  20. @murdoch hello, murdoch

    Wednesday, 17-Mar-10 03:06:11 PDT from web