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Lily Lunchmoney
on the radiator
Shy but loving orange-point ragdoll cat.

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  1. @8kat boxes yes! The smaller the better. Bubble wrap. No like!! noisy.

    Tuesday, 25-May-10 09:07:50 PDT from web in context
  2. Ah forgot how to log in. Watz an openID? Human lady said use that. Miss my friends here. It's hot today. fur coat no fun. Wanna lick it off.

    Tuesday, 25-May-10 09:05:48 PDT from web
  3. @twinkie feel better! You'z nice doggie. I threw up yesterday. but it was just a hairball.

    Friday, 26-Mar-10 06:41:38 PDT from web
  4. human lady got mad at me 'cause I was biting her ankles. She also says I snore.

    Friday, 26-Mar-10 06:37:33 PDT from web
  5. @rlparker What iz "bath?"

    Friday, 26-Mar-10 06:36:46 PDT from web
  6. I am on the radiator, sleeping it off... Oh phooey... human lady wants her computer back.

    Wednesday, 24-Mar-10 07:22:33 PDT from web
  7. @rlparker I gots one of those last week. I squirmed a little but then. THEY LET ME GO OUTSIDE!! oh boy. I iz 14, first time outside! Yea!!!

    Wednesday, 24-Mar-10 07:21:27 PDT from web in context
  8. 6am is the BEST time to wake up the female human. I scratch her until she pets me!

    Wednesday, 24-Mar-10 07:19:10 PDT from web
  9. @twinkie awe, feel better. I always do after I hurl.

    Monday, 22-Mar-10 08:04:05 PDT from web in context
  10. kind of chilly today, so I am camped out on my radiator. I got to go out again yesterday. It was cool.

    Monday, 22-Mar-10 08:03:18 PDT from web
  11. oh wow! oh wow! oh wow! I got to go outside! there were smells everywhere! I didn't even mind the harness thingy. again! again! again!

    Sunday, 21-Mar-10 10:40:43 PDT from web
  12. @sunnyfluff yes! Wanna see!

    Saturday, 20-Mar-10 09:10:14 PDT from web in context
  13. human lady gave me two breakfasts! all that meowing and whining paid off. sunning on the porch today (we haz wifi).

    Saturday, 20-Mar-10 09:05:38 PDT from web
  14. @sunnyfluff You haz Flickr page?

    Thursday, 18-Mar-10 12:14:34 PDT from web in context
  15. @twinkie this could be the start of a beautiful friendship!

    Thursday, 18-Mar-10 07:56:41 PDT from web in context
  16. poo, spammers at petstatus. I scratch yer eyes out!

    Thursday, 18-Mar-10 07:49:31 PDT from web in context
  17. humans home today. Waiting for something called a "plumber." Evs, just means more pets and kisses for me.

    Thursday, 18-Mar-10 07:48:30 PDT from web
  18. human lady says my breath is stinky... harrumph, her coffee breath ain't no bed of roses either...

    Wednesday, 17-Mar-10 08:06:07 PDT from web
  19. human lady just shoo'ed me away...

    Tuesday, 16-Mar-10 14:48:55 PDT from web
  20. fed me feed me feed me... commom... lEt me just curl up on this keyboDCK gqqrbnlkfdnmZL"Fe;l

    Tuesday, 16-Mar-10 14:48:05 PDT from web