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  1. finally watching some tennis on bbc2, go venus williams Ive been a fan for 11 years now! :) #

    Monday, 28-Jun-10 05:46:14 PDT from web
  2. # Today is the day Michael Jackson, the King of Pop died, the poor man.

    Friday, 25-Jun-10 06:42:42 PDT from web
  3. Got my hair permed, changed my style, and is now wearing makeup lol! i look way; way BETTER!~

    Wednesday, 23-Jun-10 01:31:01 PDT from web
  4. Had a very nice birthday yesterday :)

    Tuesday, 22-Jun-10 01:34:24 PDT from web
  5. I hope me and the boys wont get mob... Heading to the bus stop now.

    Monday, 21-Jun-10 03:12:05 PDT from web
  6. Right then. iPad all loaded up with music, Fringe, and games. Ready for my 12 day trip to Riyadh now. Well. Except for the packing.

    Friday, 18-Jun-10 01:37:29 PDT from web
  7. aight im off now..deuces

    Thursday, 17-Jun-10 00:59:16 PDT from web
  8. I should be drunk right now.

    Tuesday, 15-Jun-10 23:42:24 PDT from web
  9. So are we still on for tomorrow. Haven't heard from uu tonight

    Tuesday, 15-Jun-10 00:08:56 PDT from web
  10. Mercury is now in the 3rd degree of Gemini "The garden of the Tuileries (Paris)" LUXURY

    Friday, 11-Jun-10 03:00:00 PDT from web
  11. ... On the bright side, I'm going to a party tomorrow! We're going to have an epic water gun fight. I want to egg our old school. Haha xD

    Thursday, 10-Jun-10 21:42:40 PDT from web
  12. #, you are not # That is why i like you. Now take down the full background image.

    Thursday, 10-Jun-10 06:27:17 PDT from web