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  1. Brought the scooter into work today. Hope the weather cooperates for me getting it back home again.

    Friday, 28-May-10 05:20:08 PDT from web
  2. honestly don't think i can do today.

    Tuesday, 25-May-10 00:09:18 PDT from web
  3. Now i feel like shit.

    Friday, 21-May-10 02:06:18 PDT from web
  4. Android 2.2 Froyo hopefully out today & I might pick up Red Dead Redemption later! :)

    Wednesday, 19-May-10 03:35:53 PDT from web
  5. oh yes, i saw handshum dude today and i go gay ((((((:

    Sunday, 16-May-10 23:22:58 PDT from web
  6. Just thought Matt Bellamy was my French teacher today!! Another lesson i genuinely thought he was teaching me! #!

    Tuesday, 11-May-10 23:55:01 PDT from web
  7. today is such a dumb day i hate it.

    Tuesday, 11-May-10 06:41:39 PDT from web
  8. Our marriage anniversery today...and we are in a hospital waiting for scan...hoping get a glimpse of our baby for the first time!

    Tuesday, 11-May-10 01:04:20 PDT from web
  9. Webcam-ed in the library. : Done with consultation. I totally didn't bring my phone with me everywhere today. *tired*

    Friday, 07-May-10 00:06:55 PDT from web
  10. Why oh why did I agree to work a 7am shift today.... I am sooo not used to waking up early.... sighs!!! LOL

    Thursday, 06-May-10 06:16:46 PDT from web