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I am everywhere. In UR lifez makin' funz!
I am El Gato Loco and I live to party!

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  1. @pthearmybratcat - Iz OK! My humanz gotz them spamtardz. So sorry U hadz the needlez and stick!

    Saturday, 28-Aug-10 15:36:17 PDT from web
  2. ZOMG! New wai to ezcapez! I tearz out screen in door and leapz out to catch lizardz!! I kan has lizardz! Sooo funz!

    Sunday, 08-Aug-10 10:59:24 PDT from web
  3. @ceilingcat That iz the awzomes link dat Uz made! Iz llovin' the reading of it! THankz, u Rockz!

    Saturday, 31-Jul-10 21:35:04 PDT from web
  4. I dontz care if itz hot and I need water! I wud rather playz with the water in my bowl, and splash it all over, and be thirty than drink it.

    Friday, 23-Jul-10 20:01:02 PDT from web
  5. ZOMG!! World Cup weekend coming! I getz to eatz lots of snackz off my humanz plate whilez he watchez the matchez. Nom Nom Nom. I Likez it!

    Saturday, 10-Jul-10 09:46:29 PDT from web
  6. @sockababy - ZOMG! Spamtardz! I hatez them, and my human hatez them too. He killz them! Stupid spamtardz die die die!!! Now time for napz.

    Thursday, 08-Jul-10 13:19:53 PDT from web
  7. Wishez I kud go outsidez. Laying in the sunz at the windoz watching humaz swim iz the suckz.

    Thursday, 24-Jun-10 14:48:05 PDT from web
  8. @brandy Yeah! Theyz keep on coming back the ratz baztardz! My Human just deleted sum mor of themz. :( Grrrrrowl!

    Tuesday, 22-Jun-10 21:14:12 PDT from web
  9. OK Spammerz gone now, soz maybe now I get the rubz! Purrrr!

    Sunday, 20-Jun-10 21:16:51 PDT from web
  10. ZOMG ! My human wuz gone for 2 dayz, and the spammerz came again ratz baztardz!! I wanted the rubz when he came home gotz spammerz insteadz!

    Sunday, 20-Jun-10 21:16:14 PDT from web
  11. Iz need sum helpz herez cuz my human iz getting mo' bettah at keeping me from ezcaping, and I am missing my out the doorz friendz! Halp Me!

    Wednesday, 16-Jun-10 08:56:50 PDT from web
  12. ZOMG!! Shortezt ezcape evar!! So, Sneaked around the door, and human took out trazh, so I did it! Stopped to play with lizard. Human haz me!

    Saturday, 05-Jun-10 11:41:29 PDT from web
  13. @twinke Iz been in the hidingz, cuz I heard my human sayingz that my shotz are due, and Iz don 't likez to haz the shotz!! ZOMG!!

    Thursday, 03-Jun-10 11:21:50 PDT from web in context
  14. Hoorayz!!! Iz having a vizit today from my friend Kimberly!! She iz the best cuz she playz with me and givez me the rubz and cuddlez! :)

    Friday, 21-May-10 11:40:31 PDT from web
  15. @loganrock - Duz youz take the dogzbitez cazez? Cuz some dogz duz the bitingz and stuffz. U wud never takez a Catz biting case, wud U?

    Wednesday, 19-May-10 15:15:06 PDT from web
  16. @snickers - and to snickersDad. I am so sorry for your loss. That is a nice tribute page you made!

    Wednesday, 19-May-10 14:44:20 PDT from web
  17. Oh noez! Iz in big troublez! I wuz playing and I jumpz on the table and brokez expenzive Vaze from the Germany place. Human iz not amuzed :(

    Monday, 17-May-10 11:41:44 PDT from web in context
  18. @twinkie . Iz dontz know why the humanz think it is juzt *their* houze. Wez livez there too, ya knowz! And wez makez the housze more funz!

    Saturday, 15-May-10 23:21:13 PDT from web
  19. ZOMFG!! Thiz is the suckz!! Why duz my Human not let me play on hiz 'puter when he workz from home? I playz on it when he workz away! :P

    Wednesday, 12-May-10 08:49:01 PDT from web in context

    Monday, 10-May-10 08:38:50 PDT from web


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