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  1. Princess Twinkie twinkie

    And you Goldie what you up to?

    Wednesday, 09-Mar-11 21:08:58 PST from web
  2. Princess Twinkie twinkie

    Hey.......what happened no spam what'd you catz do?????

    Wednesday, 09-Mar-11 21:07:18 PST from web
  3. Princess Twinkie twinkie

    @jackie how have you been Jackie are you staying out of trouble

    Tuesday, 27-Jul-10 19:50:10 PDT from web in context
  4. Princess Twinkie twinkie

    @jackie. Hi Jackie Iz been fine. Mom doez't let me on the computzer much anymore. Iz been having fun catching lizzards this summer.

    Tuesday, 27-Jul-10 19:48:34 PDT from web in context
  5. Princess Twinkie twinkie

    @olivia that must have beenz a lotz of smelly fun until the bathz. Why do humanz think bathz the solution

    Monday, 14-Jun-10 19:24:09 PDT from web in context
  6. Princess Twinkie twinkie

    @jackie youz are a quite handsome dog.

    Monday, 14-Jun-10 19:20:49 PDT from web in context
  7. Princess Twinkie twinkie

    @jackie yep finally that dogz out of here. Was just warming up to him..butz glad hez gone

    Monday, 14-Jun-10 19:17:42 PDT from web in context
  8. Princess Twinkie twinkie

    @troy Hez haz to much butt sniffinz this week

    Thursday, 10-Jun-10 21:49:35 PDT from web in context
  9. Princess Twinkie twinkie

    @jackie Hey hasn't been good week another dogz been claiming my territory.....good thingz he goez home tomorrow

    Thursday, 10-Jun-10 21:48:26 PDT from web in context
  10. Princess Twinkie twinkie

    Good morning Troy and Jackie hopez you both had goodz weekendz

    Monday, 07-Jun-10 08:08:35 PDT from web
  11. Princess Twinkie twinkie

    Weekend started didn't bring the humunz over...but then the cousin came and cried all night in the backyard. No sleepz

    Monday, 07-Jun-10 08:06:36 PDT from web in context
  12. Princess Twinkie twinkie

    @rlparker OMG I'd be in hidingz to. I shouldz chewz up those doctorz and Spitz themz out in the sewerz

    Thursday, 03-Jun-10 12:31:58 PDT from web in context
  13. Princess Twinkie twinkie

    RLParker where uz been havent seenz you online didz your humanz take your computer mizz u

    Wednesday, 02-Jun-10 22:28:34 PDT from web
  14. Princess Twinkie twinkie

    @jackie glad you're mom is meeting uz. It's lonely without our momz.

    Wednesday, 02-Jun-10 14:30:17 PDT from web in context
  15. Princess Twinkie twinkie

    Mom sayz I need chorez don't no what it meanz but don't like it. Mom needz to chill out and let me sleep.

    Monday, 31-May-10 07:48:15 PDT from web
  16. Princess Twinkie twinkie

    Whatz a holidaz....momz taken over the house

    Monday, 31-May-10 07:29:16 PDT from web
  17. Princess Twinkie twinkie

    @jackie Too hot not good!!!!

    Sunday, 23-May-10 23:29:24 PDT from web in context
  18. Princess Twinkie twinkie

    @jackie Last week was warm at my place, but woke up today with rain and cold. I need sun so I can go lizard hunting. You better stay in a/c.

    Sunday, 23-May-10 23:28:39 PDT from web in context
  19. Princess Twinkie twinkie

    @jackie Humanz not like us.....Wez wise without teeth. Humanz need to learn from us. Humanz are hilarious!

    Sunday, 23-May-10 23:18:28 PDT from web in context
  20. Princess Twinkie twinkie

    Goldie has your human been keeping your water cleanz

    Saturday, 22-May-10 21:39:17 PDT from web




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