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Hello! I'm Troy!!! I like to act soo cute and play with you and you doggie!!! If you come into my house, I kill you!!! Hurray!!!

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  1. Hi @twinkie and @jackie ! (sniffing ur butt)

    Monday, 07-Jun-10 09:15:05 PDT from web in context
  2. I went to the dog park in San Dimas on Saturday! It was soo much fun! I was running and playing but my daddy was talking to other people!

    Monday, 07-Jun-10 09:13:34 PDT from web
  3. Long time no talk my doggie friends!

    Saturday, 05-Jun-10 14:41:14 PDT from web in context
  4. Hello! Everybody!!

    Saturday, 05-Jun-10 14:40:52 PDT from web
  5. Ruff Ruff I love my life! All I do is lay around, get fed, wait for that fool of a master to get home and walk me. Yawn, ok time for my nap.

    Friday, 19-Mar-10 12:36:24 PDT from web
  6. Yay!!! I found the dog food...silly master! Dog treats are for me!!!

    Monday, 15-Mar-10 19:10:34 PDT from web
  7. My master loves me!!! And those two girls who thought I was soo cute!!! Hey....come back! I'm the cute one here!!!

    Monday, 15-Mar-10 09:16:17 PDT from web
  8. Hi ho! Hi ho! Off to the vet I go! Ouch-ouch ouch-ouch ouch-ouch ouch-ouch!

    Saturday, 13-Mar-10 10:47:08 PST from web
  9. Ha! They think this leash controls me, but I'm doing the walking around here!!! Grass smells good.

    Saturday, 13-Mar-10 10:40:18 PST from web
  10. @basementcat Looks like petstatus doesn't like your status basementcat, not surprising.

    Friday, 12-Mar-10 00:42:19 PST from web in context
  11. Hurray!!! Look at all my new pet friends!!! I want to be friends with all of you...but I'll have to smell your butt, it's a dog thing.

    Thursday, 11-Mar-10 19:23:03 PST from web in context
  12. Jeez I am so bored. My master wont play with me because he has to work...bla bla bla.

    Wednesday, 10-Mar-10 17:27:39 PST from web in context
  13. @sookie Aw sookie sookie now!

    Wednesday, 10-Mar-10 16:11:25 PST from web in context
  14. Hello, I have a cone on my head!!!

    Wednesday, 10-Mar-10 16:07:30 PST from web in context
  15. I think I'll bark at the bug on floor!!!

    Monday, 08-Mar-10 22:26:29 PST from web in context
  16. @rufus Are you my daddy?

    Monday, 08-Mar-10 19:55:49 PST from web in context


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