troy and friends


  1. Alberto, digame así/call me that way camahueto

    Greece's riot !dog returns: !dogs

    Monday, 20-Jun-11 10:38:50 PDT from at 33°25'34"S 70°33'59"W
  2. šetlandski ovčar Happy & tolmun tolmun

    oh, look, there's another dog behind that window. hi, dog! !dogs

    Sunday, 29-May-11 23:05:16 PDT from at 46°3'3"N 14°30'18"E
  3. Clay Weber claydoh

    it is soo cool that they make tiny little tennis balls for tiny little !dogs to #

    Saturday, 26-Mar-11 06:38:40 PDT from at 45°24'51"N 69°5'59"W
  4. Princess Twinkie twinkie

    @troy Hez haz to much butt sniffinz this week

    Thursday, 10-Jun-10 21:49:35 PDT from web in context
  5. Jackie Jack jackie

    Hi @twinkie and @troy.. how are you buddies.. i had a great weekend.. it was raining.. i was looking out from the window..

    Tuesday, 08-Jun-10 01:26:12 PDT from web in context
  6. Troy the German troy

    Hi @twinkie and @jackie ! (sniffing ur butt)

    Monday, 07-Jun-10 09:15:05 PDT from web in context
  7. Troy the German troy

    I went to the dog park in San Dimas on Saturday! It was soo much fun! I was running and playing but my daddy was talking to other people!

    Monday, 07-Jun-10 09:13:34 PDT from web
  8. Jackie Jack jackie

    @troy Hey Troy... how are you??

    Sunday, 06-Jun-10 23:31:04 PDT from web in context
  9. Troy the German troy

    Long time no talk my doggie friends!

    Saturday, 05-Jun-10 14:41:14 PDT from web in context
  10. Troy the German troy

    Hello! Everybody!!

    Saturday, 05-Jun-10 14:40:52 PDT from web
  11. R.I.P. Snickers snickers

    Allows nice to have a few !dogs in the house!

    Sunday, 04-Apr-10 18:34:34 PDT from web at 35°5'6"N 106°39'7"W
  12. Miles the Dog miles

    noooooo! !dogs help! hide me quick, it's almost bath time!

    Wednesday, 31-Mar-10 21:07:14 PDT from web at 40°6'51"N 88°13'59"W
  13. R.I.P. Snickers snickers

    Any other !dogs live alone?

    Wednesday, 31-Mar-10 13:57:26 PDT from web at 35°41'13"N 105°56'16"W
  14. Troy the German troy

    Ruff Ruff I love my life! All I do is lay around, get fed, wait for that fool of a master to get home and walk me. Yawn, ok time for my nap.

    Friday, 19-Mar-10 12:36:24 PDT from web
  15. Troy the German troy

    Yay!!! I found the dog food...silly master! Dog treats are for me!!!

    Monday, 15-Mar-10 19:10:34 PDT from web
  16. Troy the German troy

    My master loves me!!! And those two girls who thought I was soo cute!!! Hey....come back! I'm the cute one here!!!

    Monday, 15-Mar-10 09:16:17 PDT from web
  17. Troy the German troy

    Hi ho! Hi ho! Off to the vet I go! Ouch-ouch ouch-ouch ouch-ouch ouch-ouch!

    Saturday, 13-Mar-10 10:47:08 PST from web
  18. Troy the German troy

    Ha! They think this leash controls me, but I'm doing the walking around here!!! Grass smells good.

    Saturday, 13-Mar-10 10:40:18 PST from web
  19. Troy the German troy

    @basementcat Looks like petstatus doesn't like your status basementcat, not surprising.

    Friday, 12-Mar-10 00:42:19 PST from web in context
  20. Basement Cat basementcat

    @troy Try it and your death will be slow, bloody, and worthy of your species....

    Friday, 12-Mar-10 00:35:23 PST from web in context