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Hawaii, USA
I'm an old snowshoe getting on this technology bandwagon. I turned 20 this month.I like cat snacks, water dish and sleeping.

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  1. You seem to have a problem with me tracking litter all over the place. Then GET ME BETTER LITTER!

    Wednesday, 17-Mar-10 03:03:26 PDT from web
  2. I am loaf of bread cat, therefore I am.

    Tuesday, 16-Mar-10 21:18:49 PDT from web
  3. sittin with mom... watchin the news....

    Tuesday, 16-Mar-10 21:09:40 PDT from web
  4. I'm a member of this family too!!! I think I deserve my own piece of chicken!!!

    Tuesday, 16-Mar-10 15:18:53 PDT from web
  5. Snacks and a nap....I love my....zzzzzzzzzzzz

    Tuesday, 16-Mar-10 14:35:15 PDT from web
  6. hanging out on my daddy's shirt. giving him a shiatsu.

    Monday, 15-Mar-10 22:37:31 PDT from web
  7. I dont care about being brushed, I want a snack!

    Monday, 15-Mar-10 21:44:41 PDT from web
  8. Ha ha ha ha nobody can find me! Now I can get some peace and quiet!

    Monday, 15-Mar-10 19:30:02 PDT from web
  9. I don't care how loud I have to be... you are going to hear me..feed me feed me!!

    Monday, 15-Mar-10 10:14:18 PDT from web
  10. yum.. cheese.

    Monday, 15-Mar-10 01:23:27 PDT from web
  11. my butt hurts... damn arthritis.

    Monday, 15-Mar-10 00:51:23 PDT from web
  12. they watch the movie and I sit next to mama.

    Monday, 15-Mar-10 00:44:25 PDT from web
  13. Contemplating..... Bathroom or couch?

    Sunday, 14-Mar-10 19:03:51 PDT from web
  14. eh, screw it. I'd rather do something else.. let me out!

    Sunday, 14-Mar-10 19:03:03 PDT from web
  15. I don't really want to stay on the brown bed... but it's in the sun.

    Sunday, 14-Mar-10 19:00:10 PDT from web
  16. Well, they got some "white enhancing" shampoo and gave me a bath yesterday. I I should stain my fur with something to get back at them.

    Sunday, 14-Mar-10 11:15:14 PDT from web