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  1. learning to manage a 2 year old is tough work

    Tuesday, 08-Mar-11 14:06:37 PST from web
  2. "So this SEO copywriter walks into a bar, grill, pub, public house, Irish bar, bartender, drinks, beer, wine, liquor"

    Wednesday, 23-Feb-11 13:30:19 PST from web
  3. spring!

    Friday, 23-Apr-10 11:20:48 PDT from web
  4. battery

    Thursday, 15-Apr-10 11:08:16 PDT from web
  5. Balloons!

    Monday, 12-Apr-10 18:47:07 PDT from web
  6. the little girl says she loves me. =)

    Tuesday, 06-Apr-10 16:04:15 PDT from web
  7. the child won't stop watching dora. oh, the humanity!

    Saturday, 20-Mar-10 02:11:05 PDT from web
  8. my hair permeates everything. soon the metamorphosis will be complete.

    Tuesday, 16-Mar-10 11:22:20 PDT from web
  9. The days are starting to blend together. Need someone to scrath behind my ears.

    Monday, 15-Mar-10 09:29:16 PDT from web
  10. the little girl is going to disneyland. I will have the run of the house.

    Sunday, 14-Mar-10 12:46:38 PDT from web
  11. @lazer yes it seems so! lets hope they bring back some pancit!

    Saturday, 13-Mar-10 22:36:06 PST from web in context
  12. ignored for the pacquiao fight. does growing up in a filipino household make me filipino?

    Saturday, 13-Mar-10 21:56:31 PST from web in context
  13. blowin' up

    Friday, 12-Mar-10 12:20:56 PST from web
  14. smells like the family went to the zoo today, without me!

    Thursday, 11-Mar-10 13:55:02 PST from web in context
  15. =(

    Wednesday, 10-Mar-10 11:50:20 PST from web in context
  16. site design # in the works!

    Thursday, 04-Mar-10 12:52:37 PST from web
  17. plotting my escape.

    Thursday, 04-Mar-10 12:51:18 PST from web in context
  18. @baxter nice to be back.

    Wednesday, 03-Mar-10 17:10:59 PST from web