Replies to sookie


  1. Jackie Jack jackie

    @sookie Ask your Human to delete these posts...

    Tuesday, 27-Apr-10 00:48:25 PDT from web at 18°30'27"N 73°50'3"E in context
  2. ElGatoLoco rlparker

    @snickers - ZOMG!! Thankz for that link for @sookie ! I can has lotz of likez for that! My human has likez for it too! U iz a good dog!!

    Friday, 23-Apr-10 12:43:21 PDT from web
  3. Princess Twinkie twinkie

    @sookie thank you Sookie

    Thursday, 22-Apr-10 07:29:08 PDT from web in context
  4. ElGatoLoco rlparker

    @sookie Thaz nice! Makez me has purrz to hearz thiz! Happy Cat is the me now! Sleepz for me!

    Tuesday, 20-Apr-10 09:19:32 PDT from web in context
  5. Jackie Jack jackie

    @sookie owner?? why owner?? he/she must be your dad or mom. Nobody is owner of any living being..

    Tuesday, 30-Mar-10 22:22:14 PDT from web at 18°30'27"N 73°50'3"E in context
  6. Olivia G. Russell olivia

    @sookie Guilt is an excellent garnish, though I prefer eggs florentine!

    Thursday, 25-Mar-10 10:03:06 PDT from web at 37°43'1"N 122°28'26"W in context
  7. Princess Twinkie twinkie

    @sookie Tell your human the Spammers are back.

    Tuesday, 23-Mar-10 07:01:44 PDT from web in context
  8. Princess Twinkie twinkie

    @sookie Thank you..You have a good human. Glad he got rid of those.

    Thursday, 18-Mar-10 10:56:21 PDT from web in context
  9. Troy the German troy

    @sookie Aw sookie sookie now!

    Wednesday, 10-Mar-10 16:11:25 PST from web in context
  10. Goldie goldie

    @sookie I would say 10 flops away? I'm next to a box thing with a bright light and an apple logo. How do I do?

    Wednesday, 03-Mar-10 13:20:49 PST from web at 33°58'28"N 118°14'53"W in context