summerbelle and friends


  1. Goldie goldie

    Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!

    Tuesday, 01-Mar-11 16:52:35 PST from web
  2. Goldie goldie

    @conan a/s/l?

    Tuesday, 01-Mar-11 16:47:06 PST from web in context
  3. Goldie goldie

    Gone fishing, HA!

    Tuesday, 01-Mar-11 16:45:58 PST from web
  4. Jackie Jack jackie

    @twinkie hey twinkie... how r u?? hope u r having fun..

    Monday, 19-Jul-10 22:21:34 PDT from web in context
  5. Jackie Jack jackie

    I love to follow my mommy in every room... she keeps on rubbing my back..

    Wednesday, 16-Jun-10 00:45:43 PDT from web at 30°44'13"N 76°47'13"E
  6. Jackie Jack jackie

    There were small pup outside.. they were trying to play with me.. My mom took me away from there..

    Wednesday, 16-Jun-10 00:42:58 PDT from web at 30°44'13"N 76°47'13"E
  7. Jackie Jack jackie

    Mom is at home... love to play with her... had a good time..

    Monday, 14-Jun-10 08:37:38 PDT from web
  8. Jackie Jack jackie

    My mom says.. i am world's most handsome Dog... what do u say??

    Thursday, 10-Jun-10 21:51:15 PDT from web in context
  9. Jackie Jack jackie

    @twinkie Oh.. hope you will get your territory back... take care..

    Thursday, 10-Jun-10 21:50:41 PDT from web in context
  10. Jackie Jack jackie

    Hi @twinkie and @troy.. how are you buddies.. i had a great weekend.. it was raining.. i was looking out from the window..

    Tuesday, 08-Jun-10 01:26:12 PDT from web in context
  11. Jackie Jack jackie

    @troy Hey Troy... how are you??

    Sunday, 06-Jun-10 23:31:04 PDT from web in context