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I am a pretty cool dog with a really cool owner. My best friend is Fiona even though she does'nt feel the same way.

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  1. apparently this new house is our home. The human has boxes in my way. Typical. I think I might invest in a new dog house. Any suggestions?

    Wednesday, 05-May-10 09:43:03 PDT from web
  2. enjoyed this site until the spammers decided to attack.

    Wednesday, 21-Apr-10 07:35:42 PDT from web in context
  3. is chilllin like a villian. Excited to see Fiona after her haircut.

    Thursday, 15-Apr-10 09:22:42 PDT from web
  4. had a good night with my human and Fiona. We watched a scary movie. yikes

    Tuesday, 13-Apr-10 07:45:45 PDT from web
  5. I loves my human. We had the best Easter ever. A nap and a ride in the car!

    Monday, 05-Apr-10 12:46:49 PDT from web
  6. watch out ladies, Jackson is getting a haircut tomorrow.

    Thursday, 01-Apr-10 14:50:45 PDT from web
  7. loves my human. Being a dog ain't easy.

    Tuesday, 30-Mar-10 08:52:39 PDT from web
  8. loves Aunt Chandra and Uncle Joe. Can't wait to play with Dude.

    Monday, 29-Mar-10 06:12:07 PDT from web
  9. I hear its the weekend. Maybe my human will take me for a ride in the car.

    Friday, 26-Mar-10 07:25:53 PDT from web
  10. my human was not happy with me last night. She looked at me and said, "no pee." Not really sure what that means...

    Thursday, 25-Mar-10 08:46:12 PDT from web
  11. waiting for my humans to get home.

    Wednesday, 24-Mar-10 08:44:48 PDT from web
  12. @princessfiona well I let you sleep on my big bed that my owner bought me.

    Tuesday, 23-Mar-10 09:45:02 PDT from web in context
  13. is chillin' waiting for the human to get home. I needs to pee.

    Tuesday, 23-Mar-10 09:44:06 PDT from web
  14. two whole days with my human. Life is good. I wish Fiona would play with me.

    Monday, 22-Mar-10 11:48:59 PDT from web in context
  15. well I just woke up with this pain down there. This punk they call "doctor" did this to me. Not happy

    Thursday, 18-Mar-10 14:39:11 PDT from web in context
  16. my human loves me. Life is good.

    Wednesday, 17-Mar-10 06:42:36 PDT from web
  17. two days and counting until I say good bye to my lil' friends. What will I lick on after Thursday?

    Tuesday, 16-Mar-10 07:51:12 PDT from web in context
  18. I agree..@princessfiona

    Monday, 15-Mar-10 14:45:55 PDT from web in context
  19. my human does this weird baby talk when she looks at me. Not really sure what that's about...

    Monday, 15-Mar-10 14:32:21 PDT from web
  20. this time change is killing me.

    Monday, 15-Mar-10 11:43:26 PDT from web